meeting rosily


Hello! My name is Rosily (pronounced Rosalie, but spelt like the adverb)!

I have been absolutely food obsessed for as long as I can remember, and have always relished every opportunity to get into the kitchen. This website started life as a blog five years ago, while I was in the second year of my History of Art degree, as a way for me to develop and document my favourite recipes. I started it in secret, refusing to tell my family the address and sneakily photographing my food while the seven girls I lived with were out of the kitchen (not an easy task!) But as my blog developed and I became increasingly confident in the kitchen, I began sharing my culinary secret with my friends, and now I am the butt of all their jokes because I absolutely never throw a dinner party without arranging and photographing all the dishes first. My friends are kind enough not to complain about the cold food!

Last year I moved from London back to the USA, where I grew up, and recently I have expanded my love of baking from a hobby (and a semi-secret blog) to a small business, selling custom made cakes and cookies.

And please feel free to explore the blog archive, where five years of my life are documented through the food I cooked, ate and shared. My recipes are vegetarian, often gluten free, sometimes vegan and always always rosily and delicious!

And you can follow me on Instagram too!




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