meeting rosily


Hello! My name is Rosily (pronounced Rosalie, but spelt like the adverb)!

I live in London, where I have just finished an MA in History of Art and Fashion. I adored my degree, and I still firmly believe there is no better way to while away a Saturday afternoon than getting lost in the V&A, but food, and particularly baking, has always been my first love.

I’ve recently been diagnosed as coeliac, which was slightly devastating. My first thought was ‘what about cake?!’ followed by a whole series of other gluten-based anxieties. I have been vegetarian since I was born, and cutting gluten out of my diet overnight changed the way I think about food, cook and eat! I still love baking gluttonous, gluten-ful recipes (even though I can’t eat them!) but I tend to eat whole, plant based food, and my blog has slowly started to reflect my own eating habits. You’ll find loads of delicious, sugary, decadent baked treats (especially if you check out the cake page!), but increasingly I am sharing the kind of food that I love to eat on a daily basis.


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