Feast Food Festival, London

Yesterday I ventured very deep into the East London docks for Feast Food Festival. Having been given a ticket, I was a little unsure what to expect, but I figured that someone with as avid interest in food as me was sure to enjoy it. I was not wrong!


For a start, the building it was housed in, Tobacco Dock, was incredible! It is a huge, old warehouse that has been converted into an exhibition space. It is a combination of bricks, metal girders and open sky, meaning that even when inside, one gets unimpeded access to the summer sun, which was out in full force! Being an old dock, it is situated on a canal, complete with two large ships to create some atmosphere.

I’m incredibly indecisive, so choosing what to eat was a bit tricky, especially with so many tasty looking things on offer! Inside and out, the space was packed with the most delicious and unique food, from duck confit burgers with truffle cheese to contemporary British cuisine to extravagantly topped hot dogs. There were also bars serving everything from alcoholic iced tea, to locally brewed beers to absinthe, as well as a DJ booth. A few vendors I was familiar with, such as The Breakfast Club (who were not serving breakfast, surprisingly), The Meringue Girls (who were serving meringues, unsurprisingly) and Primrose Bakery (who served up a whole host of delicious baked goods from a tiny van.)


We were keen to try as many things as we could fit into our bellies, which unfortunately was really not that many! We started with a mini portion of Black Paella, dyed with the ink of a cuttlefish. Aside from its intimidatingly dark colour, and the bright contrast of chillis and lemons, it tasted delicious. We sat outside, basking in the sun, almost feeling as though we really were in Spain! Thoroughly satisfied, we moved on in search of our next mouthful.

IMG_5317 IMG_5318 IMG_5320

And settled on vegetarian indian- a chickpea and tomato curry topped with different chutneys, yoghurt, red onion, puffed rice, coriander and pomegranate seeds. Personally, I think anything with coriander is delicious. But this too was really good.


It seemed a faux pas to eat a curry, even one this elegant, without beer, so went in search of something to wet our whistles, devoured in front of the ship.

I was feeling pretty full by this point, but my feasting buddy wanted to try a waffle with duck, plum sauce and an egg that he had spied earlier, so we hopped in the queue.

IMG_5332 IMG_5334 IMG_5336

Being veggie, I didn’t have any of this- but it looked pretty good!


I decided to end the day on a sweet note with a salted caramel brownie. It was the perfect richness and perfect chocolateyness and we toddled home feeling way too stuffed but very happy.

IMG_5343 IMG_5348

I would highly recommend Feast as a day out, especially for a food lover! Sadly, it was only on this weekend, so you’ve missed it- but keep an eye peeled around this time next year for a taste of the action!



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