Christmas Cupcakes

Here are some cute, Christmassy cupcake ideas, which will serve as a good alternative to mince pies at any Christmas gathering!


For these cakes I used a basic, chocolate cupcake recipe, and a basic buttercream, which I coloured in Christmassy red and green. For a basic chocolate cake recipe, click here! Buttercream is very easy to make- simply mix 140g of butter with 280g of icing sugar, and a splash of milk to loosen the mixture. For a really white and fluffy icing, beat the butter and sugar together for at least five minutes.

For all of these cupcakes, start with a base layer of white buttercream. It doesn’t have to be spread perfectly, as it is going to get covered up anyway! 


Christmas trees: 

Put a star shaped tip on a piping bag, and fill it with green buttercream.


Begin by piping a disc of little stars on the base of the cupcake, then a slightly smaller disc on top.


Keep piping discs, gradually getting smaller, until they begin to resemble a three-dimensional Christmas tree.


Place one final dollop of icing on top.

Decorate with either small dabs of red buttercream, or small round sprinkles, like baubles. This is a lot of icing to eat- its true! But these cakes are, unsurprisingly, very popular with children- or anyone with a sweet tooth!


Use the same, star shaped nozzle as the one used for the Christmas trees.


Pipe small, star shaped blobs all around the edge of the cupcake.


Using a different piping bag, or the same one with a different tip, pipe a bow out of red buttercream. For this you need a straight, small nozzle, which will give you a straight line.



Using a plain nozzle, to give a straight, fairly thin line, pipe the outline of a holly leaf on one side of the cupcake.


Do the same on the other side of the cupcake, so you have two similar looking leaves.


Colour the leaves in using more green icing.


Use the same plain nozzle to create red berries out of small blobs of red buttercream.



Enjoy, and have a lovely Christmas!




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