Strawberry and Lime Stuffed Whoopie Pies

So, these aren’t technically whoopie pies. Whoopie pies are meant to have marshmallowy creamy fluff in the middle. These don’t. I don’t really love marshmallow so instead these just have tasty lime frosting and strawberry slivers in the middle.


They aren’t whoopie pies. They are sorta oversized macaroons but made of cake with lime icing and strawberry in the middle so also sort of mini victoria sponges. But whatever.Either way they are delish!

P1010227    P1010233

Also- as you UK readers will know- today is Father’s Day here in England. My dad is American, as, in fact, am I. And my mother is English. So I am a sort of hybrid mixture of the UK and USA. I was born and raised in Connecticut, USA and my family moved to Essex, UK, when I was eleven. So these are a Happy Father’s Day hybrid of a US classic- the great whoopie pie! (with a slight English twist- whoopie meets victoria sponge!) I hope you enjoy!


Strawberry and Lime Whoopie Pies (the whoopie pie recipe I took from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook (Cake Days) and adapted the filling!)


2 large eggs

300g caster sugar

250g plain yoghurt

50ml milk

1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

150g butter, melted

400g plain flour

160g cocoa powder

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda


Cream the eggs and sugar until pale and fluffy. Then add the yoghurt, vanilla and milk and mix well.

Sift the remaining ingredients together and add to the mixture- mix well.

Put the batter in the fridge to cool and set for 20 minutes.


Using a dessert spoon, drop dollops of the mixture onto a baking sheet. (I may have made mine a tiny bit too big- but its completely up to you how much whoopie you want in yo pie! (I’m sorry, that doesn’t even make any sense!))


Bake in a 170 degree celsius oven for 10- 13 minutes, or until springy to the touch.

Allow to cool before filling with icing and strawberry slices and sandwiching together.


Lime Icing

140g butter

280 icing sugar

the juice and zest of one lime

Cream together the butter and sugar, then add the lime juice and zest. Mix until it is a smooth and spreadable consistency, then apply to the pies!




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