Hangover Cure Granola

I woke up this morning with a very small hangover and a very big craving for granola- crunchy, oaty, sweet and delicious.


I’m not really a fan of store bought granola, actually that’s a lie, I do like store bought granola, but home made is much better. If for nothing else- its much much cheaper to make your own. Also, my local shop didn’t have much to offer in the way of granola.

So, armed with a sack of porridge oats, maple syrup, raisons and seeds, I returned home, ready to fill the house with the delicious smell of cooking oats and cinnamon.


I completely made this recipe up- so feel free to adapt as much or as little of it as you want!


Put some oats in a big bowl, with a splash of vegetable oil, a generous dollop of maple syrup, a pinch of brown sugar, some cinnamon, raisons and seeds. I also put in some mince pie filling that I had left over from Christmas, which actually worked really well, making it more flavourful, and tasting, well, like Christmas! I’m not too sure about measurements, but I just mixed everything together until the were moist and the mixture became gooey and stuck together.


Then, put the mixture into a greased baking tray, flatten it out a bit, and stick it in a 180 degree oven. I just kept an eye on it, taking it out every so often to stir it up.


When it has gone sort of crunchy and a bit brown, it is finished and ready to eat! I had mine with a large helping of yogurt, but it would also work well with milk or even on its own (not gonna lie, I ate quite a lot of it that way too!)



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